My weekdays have come down to eating salsa, drinking coffee, and watching soap operas with my mother. I live too much for the weekend. I need to find some sort of hobby.

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so this will probably be very short

I had the pleasure of accompanying a group of friends to the great cultural melting pot of New Orleans this weekend. Its literally become one of my all time favorite cities. And the things I saw there were insane. I witnessed a midget couple on Bourbon Street carrying an alcoholic beverage as tall, if not taller than them. It literally took every part of my being to keep from dying laughing. I also had a conversation with a heavily intoxicated 50 year old native about where I could buy a pair of “gold teef.” All in all a successful trip.

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Im getting old

I woke up this morning after a rather long weekend of working and staying up too late. I then had the pleasure of finding a wrinkle around my eye. I am 19 years old and Im starting to get wrinkles. Thats absurdly ridiculous. Then I had leave class twice to relieve my bladder. What am I 50? Then on top of that, my shoulders were so stiff that I had to prematurely end my bi daily arm workout. Maybe I should just face the fact that 5 to 6 years of constant staying up all night and waking up way too early are catching up with me. In other news the instant mashed potatoes of last week came back to haunt me for three days straight in the form of stomach cramps and nausea. Next time Ill follow the butter usage directions.

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Taylor vs. Idahoan Instant mashed potatoes

Today I had the distinct pleasure of preparing instant mashed potatoes for the first time. Before you start judging, I trust nothing instant besides the instant queue on netflix. Mashed potatoes are meant to be made from scratch and filled with salt, pepper, and butter. The reason I was forced to delve into the dark arts is simple. Last night my loving mother though it would be a nice thought to prepare one of my favorite meals. Mozzarella Chicken and Mashed Potatoes. Think of wholesome boneless chicken breast fried in Italian bread crumbs then baked in a cheesy gravy topped with mounds of mozzarella cheese. The only way to properly enjoy this meal is with mashed potatoes soaked in the artery clogging gravy. One simple problem. While my mother prepared this meal for me, I was stuck working a 2-10 in the 7th circle of hell, missing dinner. My family ate all of the mashed potatoes. SO I was forced to improvise for my meal today. I followed the recipe exactly and ended up with grainy looking potatoes. So I took matters into my own hands. I added about 4 times the amount of butter called for. My end result looked similar to a yellow crayon but smelled delicious. I then excitedly doused the “potatoes” in the liquid golden gravy. I then took next to no time consuming this. Now Im about to finish my day at school and then work for 6 hours feeling like my insides are about to rupture.


Idahoan Instant Mashed Potatoes-1

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